Pet Friendly

Our Furry Friends

Dear Furry Friends,

You are on a special adventure! Everyone at Petit Soleil will love you and will make sure you get extra pats and hugs. It’s important to be a good dog by following these commands:

BARKING is a “NO!”

Staying in the room by yourself is a “no!”

Jumping on the furniture is a “no!” (make sure your humans bring your favorite bedding)

Peeing or pooping anywhere on Petit’s property is a “no!” There are lots of fun places in the neighborhood to walk to and do your duty (and poop bags are always available )

Be kind to other dogs and humans

Give a paw, shake, a waggy tail or a big kiss to one of the Petit Soleil staff and you will get a yummy home baked “Bone Appetit” cookie

Thanks and can’t wait to meet you!

Dianne, John
and all the Petit Soleil staff
pet friendly hotel slo